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The Nightjar Cocktails

A month long colab with one of London's coolest cockail bars to bring back some of Nicholson's iconic cocktails from the 1930's

1. Tipperary

The Original Tipperary featured in Harrys ABC and Nightjar have pimped it up for a modern palate. We supplemented Orange juice for Nicolson Blood Orange to deliver a refreshing taste. We have enhanced the elegant citrus notes of Nicholson blood orange and added calamansi to the recipe. This citrus fruit has been a staple of Filipino and Southeast Asian and gives a very tart combination of lemon, lime and orange.  We have added a splash of Branca menta instead of fresh mint, to give a much longer mint finish. 

what are the ingredients for the Tipperary?

40ml Nicholson Blood orange

15 ml Noilly Prat

7.5 ml NJ Grenadine

7.5 ml Calamansi Juice

2.5 ml Branca Menta

Served on the rocks, garnished with apricot fruit leather and a spring of mint

2. Alaska

Another classic, this is one of the most iconic drinks for bartenders, therefore we remained more faithful to the original recipe, playing with a paring of flavours, that
could enhance the herbaceous and earthy notes of liquorice, which is theprotagonist in this London dry. We are just shaking the drink with a shiso leaf, It has a mysterious, bright taste like the smell of a mountain meadow after a rainstorm.


40ml Nicholson London Dry

20 ml Yellow Chatrouse 

Shiso leaves 

Royal Fizz

We recreated a delightful version of this classic cocktail by using passion fruit lemon curd instead of egg yolk. We then clarify everything, to maintain the same flavour profile as the original recipe, the taste is creamy like a Lemon tart but with a finer and more elegant texture, to highlight all the botanicals of the gin... adding Madagascan vanilla beans with a reduction of
American bourbon as a link to tie all the 3 main notes, juniper, Egg-tart, and Tropical. We top it up with Neroli Soda, which gives the drink an extra punch of Floral and citrus notes.


40ml Nicholson London Dry

1 tea spoon of Passion fruit lemon curd 

20 ml Lemon juice

5ml bourbon & vanilla reductrion

fill the balance with Neroli soda 

Try these amazing drinks for yourself at Nightjar, 129 City road, London, EC1V 1JB

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